Areas of research

I have been working in the following areas of research:

1. Legal Philosophy

– The Concept of Legal Order in a Global Setting

– Theories of Constituent Power

– Legal Authority

– Transnational Constitutionalism

– Immigration and the EU’s “Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”

2. Political Philosophy

– Theories of Political Agonism

– Political Representation and Democracy

– Beyond Cosmopolitanism and Communitarianism

– Politics and Indexicals

– Collective identity (ipse/idem) and difference (the other/strangeness)

I am happy to draw on (post-)phenomenological philosophy (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Ricoeur, Waldenfels) and on theories of collective action of analytical provenance (Gilbert, Pettit, Bratman) when dealing with these issues.  I am also particularly interested in the thinking of and debate between Hans Kelsen and Carl Schmitt.